San Diego Domestic Violence Defense

If you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence, you should immediately retain the services of a qualified defense attorney. While many claims of domestic violence are valid, others are exaggerated, baseless, or simply filed out of spite. They are often the result of disputes over relationship breakups, divorces, and child custody battles. Unfortunately, to file domestic violence charges requires little evidence and cases can get pushed through court even if the accuser wishes to drop the charges.

Once law enforcement has been called onto the scene of an alleged domestic violence crime, the case is no longer in your hands but that of law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office. You will need prompt and skilled legal representation because your chances of going to jail are very high. Our intense concentration on criminal defense gives us a deep insight and ability to form viable legal responses and actions that will work to give you the best possible case results.

Why Have I Been Charged with Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence consists of any threatened or actual physical harm inflicted on an intimate partner, child, parent, or other family member. Those who may claim such crimes may be a spouse, ex-spouse, dating partner, former dating partner, person you live with, or the parent of your child whether you are married or not. Crimes related to domestic violence may involve assault, battery, stalking, threats, coerced or forced sexual contact, elder abuse, and child abuse.

If you are convicted of a domestic violence crime, you may face imprisonment, heavy fines, mandatory community service, anger management classes or counseling, loss of child custody or visitation rights, or be subject to a restraining order. You will also have a permanent criminal record which will carry forward into the future, which may limit job or educational opportunities.

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