Criminal Defense Against Charges of Theft in San Diego CA

A theft crime may be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the value of the goods or services stolen and other facts relevant to the case. These crimes include minor shoplifting offenses, grand theft, burglary, robbery, grand theft auto, embezzlement, identity theft, receiving or dealing in stolen property, and more. Where a gun or other deadly weapon has been used in the commission of a theft crime, it becomes a more serious offense which is charged as a felony.

Theft crime convictions have many consequences. These include jail or prison terms, heavy fines, probation, and restitution to victims. Furthermore, if you have a theft conviction on your record, it can pose problems when applying for a job; future employers may not wish to employ you due to considerations about your trustworthiness. Such a conviction can also prevent you from obtaining state professional licenses and certifications, such as those necessary to be a contractor, real estate professional, or nurse. These crimes can also create negative consequences in the matter of immigration; your application for a green card, visa, or naturalization may be at risk.

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If you are being investigated for or have been charged with any type of theft in or around the San Diego area, your first priority should be to enlist the services of a qualified defense lawyer. This is vital to ensure that your legal rights are protected, that you are treated fairly throughout the legal process, and that the most favorable case result may be obtained with aggressive and effective strategies. At the Law Offices of Scott M. Schlegel, APLC we have been devoted exclusively to the practice of criminal defense for more than 15 years. Our intense focus in this field of law has given us a depth of practical experience and proficiency which sets us apart and has resulted in a reputation for excellence. We provide quick and aggressive legal action and attention. By contacting our firm for a free, initial case evaluation as soon as possible, you will be taking a proactive step that can make a difference in the outcome of your case. Legal defenses exist that can help you obtain the best possible case result. Contact us to speak to a skilled attorney today.

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