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Fraud Crimes

Fraud is a white collar crime which is generally a nonviolent theft offense in which misrepresentation and deceit are used to deprive others of assets, funds, property, or services for one’s own personal gain. Such crimes are dubbed “white collar” because they are generally committed by business professionals, entrepreneurs, or public officials. These are often persons with a specialized knowledge of an area, such as accountants who use their status or office to achieve their ends. Fraud can be committed by anyone, however, and may be charged as a state or federal crime, depending on the scope of the activity involved.

Various types of fraud exist, including mail fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, insurance fraud, health care fraud, welfare fraud, credit card fraud, real estate and mortgage fraud, bankruptcy fraud, check fraud, securities fraud, identity theft, forgery, and investment fraud. All of the crimes involve the receipt of benefits, funds, assets, or services to which one is not entitled. They are generally charged as felonies; in serious cases, they may be investigated by the FBI or other federal law enforcement agencies and prosecuted in federal court. How and if you are charged with a fraud crime will depend on the number of victims involved, how much in assets was taken, and your ability to provide restitution. A conviction of such crimes may lead to prison terms, heavy fines, probation, and court-ordered restitution to victims. They require serious legal representation to protect your rights and to give you the best possible chance at the most favorable case result. A fraud conviction will give you a permanent criminal record; as a convicted felon, your future will be limited as to employment, educational, and professional licensing opportunities.

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