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Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile crimes involve any violation of the law committed by minors below the age of 18. These offenses may be violations against laws relating strictly to minors, just as those involving curfews, truancy, or obtaining alcohol illegally. Such crimes are classified as status offenses. Juvenile crimes may also be more serious offenses which would be illegal regardless of age, such as those involving theft, drug possession or sales, weapons, arson, sexual misconduct, and more. These are classified as delinquency crimes. Most juvenile crimes are handled in juvenile court, which is a separate and different court system than adult court. Juveniles aged 14 or older who commit serious or violent crimes, however, may be tried as adults by the state; these individuals would face the same penalties that an adult would under similar circumstances making skilled legal representation imperative.

Juvenile court differs in that it does not involve jury trials. Juvenile case determinations are made by judges who hear these cases in juvenile court. Prosecutors and defense attorneys may argue the case before the judge who then decides whether the evidence shows that a crime was committed. If the judge decides against the juvenile, then a sentence or disposition follows which may range from informal probation to being made a ward of the court to detainment in a juvenile facility. While rehabilitation is the goal of the juvenile justice system, those found guilty of offenses are subject to penalties and punishments based on the severity of the offense.

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If you have a child who has been charged with a juvenile crime, you will want to keep your son or daughter’s case confined to the juvenile justice system. You will also want your child to have the best and most effective defense possible. Working with a defense lawyer who is experienced in handling juvenile cases is important. You will undoubtedly have questions and concerns about your child’s case, how it will be handled, and how it may affect your child’s future. At the Law Offices of Scott M. Schlegel, APLC, our skilled and seasoned attorney can provide the legal advice, guidance, and representation you need. Our firm only practices criminal defense which gives us the knowledge and practical experience required to be extremely effective. Contact the firm to speak with an attorney about your juvenile case; at such a stressful juncture, skilled legal protection is crucial.

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